Bridge the gap between Voice and Text

Cordless is a voice platform designed for support teams and their customers

A better way to send money.

Unlock content of your calls to streamline QA and product feedback

Prototype and deploy your voice menu in minutes

Enrich your voice flows with SMS and push notifications

With Cordless, we were able to transform our customers' journey over the phone without involving our engineering team. Using Cordless, we created a significantly better customer experience and reduced the monthly cost.

Liam Brady, CX Lead at Curve

Curve and Cordless set up

With Cordless, Curve saved in excess of £5000 a month, while simultaneously improving the customer experience. Curve was able to significantly cut down its reliance on an outsourced provider and set up a more efficient way of operating an asynchronous phone support system.

By using Cordless Deflection, Curve reduced the number of call backs required to answer simple but frequent questions by 20%.

Cordless allowed Curve to:

  • Triage urgent queries based on the selected IVR option
  • For non-urgent queries, reliably collect context around customer questions before calling back
  • Identify customers without sharing data with 3rd parties by automatically confirming their email address before the call

Cordless enabled Curve to serve more than 60% of customers asynchronously.

Financial services
> 65%
Cost savings
> £5000 / mo

“Cordless helped us to get started, but it will also allow us to scale in the future in a more efficient way. It was very quick to set up. And now we can operate phone support in an asynchronous way, which saves us time and money.”

Lucy Bott
Head of Operations at Fronted