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Case study - Curve

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Number of employees: 375
Industry: Financial services

Testimony from Liam Brady, CX Lead at Curve:

At Curve, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer support experience. Like a lot of companies, it was hard to prioritise the time away from developing the core product and to build the support experience we’ve always wanted.

With Cordless, we were able to transform our customers’ journey over the phone without involving our engineering team. Using Cordless, we created a significantly better customer experience and reduced the monthly cost.

The Cordless team is super responsive and easy to work with - they have been a great partner to us. We’ve had a Return on our Investment (ROI) of more than 65%

Impact summary:

With Cordless, Curve saved in excess of £5000 a month, while simultaneously improving the customer experience. Curve was able to significantly cut down its reliance on an outsourced provider and set up a more efficient way of operating an asynchronous phone support system.

By using Cordless Deflection, Curve reduced the number of call backs required to answer simple but frequent questions by 20%.

Curve and Cordless set up:

Curve is a financial super app. Its mission is to be a one-stop shop for all the financial needs of a consumer; a single point of access to a wide range of financial products and services, bundling together your money into one smart card and an even smarter app.

Curve deals with a high volume of questions from customers around the clock. Some of these calls definitely can’t wait - fraud, lost and stolen cards need to be dealt with right away.

With all of this in mind, Curve used an outsourced call centre to triage all customer calls. The centre’s agents asked customer’s security questions, assessed urgency and took messages to pass on to Curve’s CX team.

The outsourcing presented significant problems for Curve. Firstly, it was confusing, when customers realised that the person they were talking to couldn’t solve their issue, despite having shared personal security data with the agent.

Secondly, it was expensive. A customer needed to speak to two people before his/her query was resolved, and the disconnected communication threw up inconsistencies in the messages passed by the outsourcer to Curve.

With Cordless, Curve was able to cut out the outsourcing intermediary to save more than £5000 a month and improve the customer experience at the same time.

Cordless allowed Curve to:

  • Triage urgent queries based on the selected IVR option
  • For non-urgent queries, reliably collect context around customer questions before calling back
  • Identify customers without sharing data with 3rd parties by automatically confirming their email address before the call

Cordless allowed Curve to serve more than 60% of customers asynchronously.

FAQ while you wait

Like a lot of other companies, Curve experienced a high volume of queries that could be answered by taking a look at the company’s FAQ page or solved via a self-service channel.

Cordless allows Curve to send a link to an FAQ page based on the IVR option selected, giving customers an opportunity to self-serve before they receive a callback.

For Curve, Cordless combines authentication with call deflection in one message to avoid spamming customers with lots of texts.

July 01, 2021

Luba Chudnovets