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Case study - Fronted

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Number of employees: 11
Industry: Consumer lending

Testimony from Lucy Bott, Head of Operations at Fronted

“For us, at Fronted, it was very important to build trust with customers from the start so we wanted to make sure there is a phone line.

Cordless helped us to get started, but it will also allow us to scale in the future in a more efficient way. It was very quick to set up. And now we can operate phone support in an asynchronous way, which saves us time and money.

There are so many things to worry about when building a startup and customer support is often an afterthought. But as an experienced Operations leader, I know that customer support becomes an issue very quickly. That’s why I wanted to set up our tools and processes in a scalable and efficient way from day one. Cordless is a great partner for us.”

Impact summary:

Cordless enabled Fronted to talk to their customers without hiring more people.

Fronted operates an asynchronous phone support powered by Cordless and integrated seamlessly into Intercom.

Cordless allows Fronted to:

  • Have more control over when to speak to customers
  • Know what customers are calling about before speaking to them
  • Convert new customers quicker with less friction
  • Value delivered from day one after 15 minute setup

Fronted and Cordless set up:

Fronted is a new consumer lender on the market. They support all movers by paying their rental deposit.

As a consumer lender Fronted needed to adopt a customer-centric approach from day 1. Phone support is essential for a fintech where the application process is not always straightforward and the company needs to understand drop-off points to increase conversion.

With Cordless, Fronted is able to operate an asynchronous phone support just as you would an email inbox. When a customer calls Fronted, they manage customer expectations and prompt them to leave a message about their query. Cordless transforms customer voicemail into a text message and creates a ticket in Intercom with an option to call back from the same place.

The Fronted team can now address all phone calls in a dedicated time of day. They also know what the customer called about in advance so they can call back with context to resolve the question faster.

Cordless integrates their phone system into Intercom so Fronted has all customer communication in one place and the customer doesn’t need to repeat themselves. It costs them a fraction of the cost and they are able to offer a delightful customer experience.

May 01, 2021

Luba Chudnovets