Customer support

Cordless is 1 year old πŸŽ‚

Last week was 1 year since we created Cordless! We just signed up our first pilot customers and wanted to make it official. It was a great feeling!

A lot happened since then!

Even though we had customers early on, the focus remained on testing our hypothesis and talking to as many potential customers as we could. First several months were all about building up confidence in our vision and developing a clear plan of how we get there.

A lot of investment went into chat tools in recent years, but there are still so many gaps in the customer support tools for voice. With each new conversation we are growing more sure of the direction we are moving in. We have several paying customers and we have a strong relationship with them.

We hired and onboarded an amazing team - we are 6 now! It gives me a lot of energy and makes me happy every day to work with this group people! We are hiring by the way - check out our careers page.

I am really impressed with our velocity and what we have achieved since the team started! We now have a working telephony product, integrations with several Helpdesk tools, voice analytics and built-in SMS flows.

This is just the start and we are gaining momentum! πŸ‘

Our focus in this coming year will be on 3 key things:

Making sure that our telephony product has simple and intuitive UX for small and medium sized businesses. More specifically, for companies that have evolving needs, but have no or little engineering support.

Unlocking voice content

Voice is the richest channel for understanding how your customers really feel. But all of this data is locked in the voice medium - listening takes time as you can only listen to individual calls. We make it easy to access, search and at a glance understand what is going on in your voice conversations. But also to dive deep into chosen topics or share customer feedback from specific conversation with the rest of the company.

Voice flow builder

Operations are never static. There are busy and quiet periods, new products, campaigns, outages, growth, team members coming and going. Having a clear view of how your support flows are set up and being able to quickly adapt is critical.

It’s especially difficult for voice. No one wants to record a new greeting message with a shaky voice during an outage or to adjust settings for your team members individually just to make a simple change in the routing setup. Our vision is to offer a visual voice menu builder so that everyone in your team can easily get up to speed about what to expect. A menu with pre-sets that you can switch between, files you can save for later, building blocks that include messaging and event triggers based on the your customers’ information. There is so much more to come!

I am really excited for what we are going to build next! πŸš€

November 26, 2021

Luba Chudnovets