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One of the trickiest things involved in running a customer support team is ensuring compliance and continuous service quality. To offer great support there are a lot of things you need to get right - tone of voice, consistency in your answers and quick issue resolution. There are usually many different types of questions customers can get in touch about and they are constantly changing as the business evolves.

Quality of responses is especially critical for companies that operate in a regulated environment. There are real liabilities involved: from fines for complaints and sanctions for incorrect advice to criminal liability for tipping off in a fraud case. Sometimes it’s not enough to do it well, you have to be able to demonstrate it too - to auditors, regulators and sometimes even in court if the complaint really escalates.

The reason voice support is so valued by customers is that it’s real time and personal. But the flip side, of course, is that the advisor is put on the spot and really have to know their stuff. So for phone support to be really great and compliant, continuous investment into training and knowledge refreshers is critical. But knowing which areas to invest in can be hard. If my team has hundreds conversations a week, I can’t listen to all of them. And if I do come across an incorrect response or a tricky conversation, it’s hard to say how widespread this issue is. Should this topic be the focus for everybody or just this one person?

At Cordless we are building a new voice platform for customer support teams with all of these challenges in mind. Cordless transforms all of your voice conversations into text by default and gives you tools to make it easy to analyse and take actionable next steps together with your team.

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1️⃣ Quality of the transcription is key. We use a superior transcriber that can be adjusted and trained for your industry and specific jargon used.

2️⃣ We signpost the speakers in a call, so it’s easy to navigate the conversation.

3️⃣ Sometimes it’s not about the content, but it’s the tone of voice that is key! We enable you to listen to selected parts of the conversation right from the speech bubble, so you can check for tone of voice where it is relevant and keep scanning further on.

4️⃣ You can search words or phrases across all of your conversations and a selected one too. So you can easily check whether a particular quality issue is an isolated example or requires a team-wide refresher.

5️⃣ We are building flows optimised specifically for Customer support teams, such as sharing feedback with individuals and your team, flagging topics that may require training or process improvement and bookmarking conversations.

Our Cordless team scaled high-performing customer support teams and we understand the specific challenges customer support teams face.

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January 14, 2022

Luba Chudnovets